All-Gender Restrooms at UUFE

Welcome Back! All!?

When we return to our UUFE sanctuary for in-person services and meetups this summer, UUFE will be more inclusive and our building even more welcoming?than before. Read more below about our plans to provide gender-neutral restrooms for all who gather with us.



The Need

Members of the UUFE Social Justice Pod and the Eastern Shore?PFLAG community asked the UUFE Board in early 2020 to find ways to make our sanctuary building, including the restrooms, more inclusive and welcoming.? A Board task force gathered preliminary info and kept the Board informed of their work.? Covid sidetracked the effort until early this year, when the Board re-started the effort and devised a plan.


The Plan

Before our reopening for in-person meetings (currently slated for July 11), we will convert all three of the restrooms in our building by:

  • Ensuring that all three restrooms have locks.
  • Posting one style of sign, like the one shown here.

With these two small but important changes, any member or visitor to our building may choose to use any restroom and be assured of personal privacy.? Families may utilize the larger two restrooms as their needs require.


Your Feedback

Please let us know your thoughts, ideas, or concerns about UUFE all-gender restrooms and, more broadly, how we can be a more welcoming and inclusive Fellowship.? You can email us:? All Gender