Posted January 2024

These guidelines were adopted by UUFE’s board in January 2024. They are
based on COVID guidelines that originated in 2020. Future changes to these guidelines will be addressed by the board but may be proposed to the board by any congregant.

Guidelines for When Inside

● While attending indoor services or events at UUFE, masks are optional.

● UUFE expects all who attend in-person services and events, to be fully
vaccinated against all major infections, if eligible. We understand that people may have medical exceptions to being vaccinated, yet for the majority, and to protect those who cannot be vaccinated, we ask all others to be as vaccinated as possible.

● Please only come to service if you are non-symptomatic for Covid-19 virus, or any other transmittable disease that could compromise the health of another congregant, such as flu or RSV. Please see the CDC guidelines for more details on symptoms and suggestions for preventing transmittable diseases.

● For congregational singing, choir and other musical offerings (e.g., instrumental music), masks are optional.

● Food and beverages may be served at UUFE. Please follow good hygiene
practices when setting up for food and drink distribution.

● All groups and programs will follow these guidelines. Please contact the board president or the congregation’s minister if you have questions or concerns.

Guidelines for When Outside

● While attending an outside event at the church, masks are optional.

In all we do, we encourage an atmosphere of caution and a culture of respect.