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Delmarva Pride Festival 2024

As I scan social media, it’s wonderful to see so many pictures of proms, graduations and year-end celebrations at schools and community groups. It was fun to be at the Multicultural Festival earlier this month and I look forward to other annual celebrations coming up … read more.

After Earth Day

As I thought about Earth Day in 2024 and what I might preach about, I kept coming back to the overwhelming feelings I’m witnessing around me on climate change. It’s hard not to understand the dire nature of climate change and rising temperatures, and the … read more.

Tom Malone’s Celebration of Life

On Saturday, April 27, there will be a gathering and service at UUFE to celebrate Tom Malone’s life. All are invited to come for a time of story and connection. The service will begin at 3pm at the fellowship and is also available through Zoom.

Join … read more.

In A Flash

(First published on 3/28/24 in UUliFE)

I woke up Tuesday to the news of the bridge collapse in Baltimore. The early morning coverage included dramatic video clips. Like many of you, I found myself uttering over and over, “Unreal.”

I quickly Googled the bridge location and confirmed … read more.


(First published on 3/14/24 in UUliFE)

This past Sunday we considered the ways we periodically “reboot” our personal lives, and reflected on the process over the last 3+ years to “reboot” our UU faith. The UU principles were adopted 40 years ago, and the bylaws require … read more.

March 6th, Invocation and Prayer

(First published on 3/7/24 in UUliFE)

Today (Wednesday) I was honored to offer the daily invocation to open the Maryland State Senate. Senator Johnny Mautz had submitted my name a few months ago and today was the invocation. 

The words I offered are below. After sharing my … read more.

Investing in UUFE

(First published on 2/29/24 in UUliFE)

Last Sunday I preached about the opportunity to invest in UUFE through our annual stewardship campaign. During Thoughts for All Ages, I shared the story about a set of markers given to Demon, a boy from Appalachia who faced many … read more.

Toward Sensible Gun Policies

(First published on 2/1/2024 in UUliFE)

In February 2024, I joined the Moms Demand Action for Advocacy Day in Annapolis along with UUFE members and many from the Eastern Shore. Moms Demand Action supports sensible gun laws to protect our families and communities. An estimated 400 … read more.

Something Unique About Church Friends 

(First published on 1/18/24 in UUliFE)

Recently Bill and I went out to dinner with a couple we first met in our home congregation almost 20 years ago. They are what I think of as “church friends.”

If you listened to our conversation in the restaurant that … read more.