Category: Social Justice

Advocating for Climate Change Legislation

Addressing climate change becomes more critical each day. Very soon we may reach the point of no return. Every little bit we can do will help. UUFE members believe that protecting the environment is important, and the Social Justice team is helping to implement that.

As … read more.

Resources and Links for Big Fix

Save the planet one step at a time!

On October 15, 2023, the UUFE service will be based on our common read, The Big Fix: 7 Practical Steps to Save Our Planet. Whether or not you’ve had a chance to read it, the Social Justice Team … read more.

UUFE Social Justice Film Fest Continues!

Please join us!? We’ll follow each film with a discussion about the film and its topic. Child of Nature is for adults and families with children ages 9+.? Refreshments will be served.

Outreach Collection for Ukraine – Thank you!

Our UUFE Outreach Collection last month raised $1,120 to assist Ukrainian refugees who have fled to Romania. The Hungarian Unitarian Church in Cluj is the recipient of our aid to support their work.

From the onset of the war in Ukraine, the Hungarian Unitarian Church and … read more.

Social Justice Spring Survey Results Are In!

Many thanks to the 44 people who completed the Social Justice Pod?s spring 2022 survey.

Your input has been valuable in helping us determine

our priorities for involvement in social justice issues and organizations working toward those issues
where you would like UUFE to assist organizations with financial … read more.