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We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience. ~ John Dewey

What makes the monthly Soul Matters Small Group special?

Soul Matters uses a small group structure to foster circles of trust and deep listening —A learning journey fostering spiritual development since 2014

The monthly themes we explore in our small groups are coordinated with those in our worship services, creating unparalleled opportunities for spiritual growth and connection with others.

Recent themes

  • deep listening
  • stillness
  • imagination
  • commitment
  • story
  • play

Upcoming themes

  • embracing possibility
  • cultivating relationship
  • holding history
  • awakening
  • nurturing beauty

Experience the theme rather than just analyze it

Spiritual development requires experiential engagement, not mere reading and analysis.  Each month each participant chooses one spiritual exercise from the small group resource packet.  For example, when we wrested with the concept of commitment, we did not just read what theologians had to say but looked for ways to invite commitment into our own lives. As participants share experiences an atmosphere of trust, sharing, and warm affirmations, they forge deep, heart-based connections the kind so many people are seeking nowadays.

Choose questions to walk with, not talk through

Soul Matters is not an intellectual discussion group.  Our reflection questions instead serve as tools for individual exploration and spiritual discernment.  Participants review the questions at the beginning of the month and choose just one question to live with or  walk with.  A few weeks later, we meet and each person shares the story of how their question led to deeper, personal insight into the way the particular topic and question applies to their daily life.  Honest sharing not debate or analysis is the name of the game.

Remember that UUism is distinctive, not an “anything goes” religion.

Monthly themes focus on a spiritual value that our UU faith has historically honored and calls for all of us to embody in our lives. At each small group meeting, participants are reminded that our faith promotes a preferred way for us to be in the world, as can be seen in the chosen themes.

Soul Matters adapts to you.

The small group packets are 5 to 7 pages each, intentionally filled with abundant optional resources, including poems, excerpts, video links, and more.  Don’t let this overwhelm you!  The only required homework is to select one exercise to try and one question for reflection. The additional materials are there for further exploration as desired.

For more information please contact soulmatters@uufeaston.org