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Sunday Plate Donation

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Pledge payments

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Chalice Lighter Grant Program

All Unitarian Universalist congregations are, as a rule, self-supporting financially. The exception to this rule is the Chalice Lighter Grant program available to UU congregations throughout the country including the our Joseph Priestley District (part of the Central East Region). This program features:

  • grants (usually $20,000) three times per year
  • support for big, bold efforts to improve the life of congregations
  • competition between congregations, so applications are not guaranteed
To support these grants, individual UU members are asked to pledge $20 per call for three calls per year. Many small contributions pooled together can make a significant impact. Of course, individuals may pledge higher amounts!

Since 1990, our congregation has received 8 Chalice Lighter grants – over $130,000!

For questions, please contact Jane Terebey or visit