Blue and purple graphic Mission equals every day; Vision equals someday

Mission Statement

UUFE is an open religious community that strives for social justice, values diversity, cares for one another, and protects our natural environment.

Vision Statement

  • The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton welcomes questioning minds, diverse identities, and expansive hearts, and strives to be a beacon for independent thought, progressive change, and spiritual growth.

  • Through caring for one another, our communities, and the environment, we seek to create a more just and peaceful world while celebrating our oneness with all humanity.

  • Through worship, affinity groups, religious education for all ages, music, and other experiences, we provide opportunities for engaging with the world.

  • As one of the spiritual and social justice leaders for the Mid-Shore of Maryland, we seek to meet the evolving needs of our rural community.

Approved by the UUFE Board, September 2021.

3-Year Strategic Plan, May 21, 2022 (Adopted by vote of congregation on June 5, 2022)

This Strategic Plan is a roadmap for all Members and Friends to use in converting our UUFE Mission and Vision into action these next 3 years. It serves as a guide to focus staff and volunteer time and energy as well as financial resources toward goals agreed upon by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting. It is a useful tool to motivate individuals to financially support the Fellowship and to apply for funding from outside sources.

This plan is considered a living document and may be edited as the Congregation and Board see fit as we move through the next 3 years. It is hoped that this plan will encourage everyone to work together toward common goals.