A Link in the Chain

Do you feel that sacrifice has a central role to play in addressing the climate crisis? If so, what might that look like? Are there other ways to stem the changes? Join Rev. Sue Browning for a service where we will reflect on the personal … read more.

The Challenges of Pluralism

Over and over we proclaim our core commitment to valuing difference. How do we live well in a pluralistic society? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll reflect on the responsibilities and compromises needed to continually make space for others’ religious and cultural practices. 

“Spirit of Life” … read more.

Resurrection and Renewal, Easter Sunday

Who is to say what Easter is?  W. Edward Harris observes that the darkest times in the human spirit are succeeded by the renewal of life. The human spirit needs resurrection stories — stories of hope, renewed and refreshed, as all around us new life awakens and stirs, … read more.