UUFE is involved in numerous projects aimed at promoting social justice in the community and in the world at large with our funds, our energy and our hearts.


  • Outreach Collections throughout the year help fund various organizations that work with hunger, the environment, children’s programs, immigration, LGBTQ+, housing, refugees, reproductive rights, college scholarships, etc.

  • Partner with Talbot Interfaith Shelter (TIS) to staff the local shelter and provide dinner on the 9th of every month. Volunteer with them on special projects during the holidays and throughout the year.

  • Partner with Interfaith Coalition Against Hunger joining with other churches to contribute to, serve and deliver a Thanksgiving meal to the community.

  • Collections during the winter holidays to support a TIS family with gifts and also other organizations as needed.

  • Present Sunday services such as the service on October 15, 2023 based on the book The Big Fix.

  • Partner with Delmarva Pride, Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center and other organizations.

  • Special presentations such as Movie Night, Voter Training & Gender Education classes.

  • Support partner organizations by attending their events.

  • Maintain contact with UUFE members & friends soliciting input on important issues & topics.





This short video, created and narrated by UUFE’s Tom Arnold, describes the work of CarePacks of Talbot County, a weekend food program aimed at preventing hunger among Talbot County’s most economically vulnerable students.

Since the COVID pandemic, CarePacks has been meeting monthly in various locations to put together bags of food for approximately 260 school children, they are then distributed weekly. Since the old Black & Decker building is no longer available, they are looking for a permanent location where they can collect and store the food, prepare the bags and distribute them. And, hopefully, get back to providing meat and fresh produce again.

Tips on Writing to Your Elected Officials

 (adapted from ACLU)

Keep it brief

  • less than one page
  • limit to one issue
  • be concise

State who you are and what you want up front

  • tell your legislator that you are a constituent
  • identify the issue about which you are writing
  • identify it by its bill number (e.g. H.R. ____ or S. _____)

Hit your three most important points

  • choose the three strongest points that will be most effective in persuading your legislator to support your position and flesh them out

Personalize your letter

  • tell your elected official why this legislation matters in their community or state
  • include a personal story that shows how this issue affects you and your family, a constituent’s personal stories can be the very persuasive

Personalize your relationship, tell this elected official 

  • if you ever voted for them
  • if you ever contributed time or money to their campaign
  • if you are familiar with them through any business or personal relationship
  • the closer your legislator feels to you, the more powerful your argument is likely to be.

You are the expert

  • your legislator’s job is to represent you
  • be courteous and to the point, but don’t be afraid to take a firm position
  • often your elected official may know no more about a given issue than you do. 

Social Justice Team

Mary Lou Malone, Bo Earnest, Ray Earnest, David Stevens, Lindsay Waite, Carol Meredith, Joyce Dowling, Race Dowling, Jane Terebey, Lynn Dolinger