From Trust to Possibility

What builds trust in communities? How does trust translate to new possibilities? At this service Rev. Sue Browning and Lenore Bajare-Dukes from the Unitarian Universalist Association will partner for a time of story and questions around sources of possibility.

“Spirit of Life” #123

Welcome Rev. Sue Browning

Prelude “If You Want to Go” Words: African proverb Music: Philip E. Silvey

Chalice Lighting Sarah Walsh, Coordinator of Religious Education

Opening Hymn “Wake, Now, My Senses” #298

Covenant of Our Fellowship (in unison) “At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton, we seek to nurture spiritual and intellectual growth for all ages, and to be actively involved in community outreach and service. Cherishing diversity, and celebrating our oneness with all humanity, we covenant to support each other in the spirit of compassion, respect, and love.

Thoughts for All Ages “Wanda’s Roses” Lenore Bajare-Dukes

Meditation “Wondering Questions” Lenore Bajare-Dukes

Joys and Sorrows


Anthem “United In Purpose” Words: Maya Angelou Music: Rollo Dilworth

Reflection Part 1 “Community and Possibility” Lenore Bajare-Dukes

Reflection Part 2 “From Trust to Possibility” Rev. Browning

Closing Hymn “Lean on Me” #1021

Board Announcements Lauren Harton

Closing Words and Extinguishing Chalice

Postlude “Draw the Circle Wide” Mark A. Miller


Headphones are available for persons with hearing impairments. Large print hymnals are also available. Please ask the usher for assistance. Note: Please silence your cell phone for the service.

Music: Ellen Barry Grunden and choir

Greeters: April Harton and Martha Hamlyn

Sound: Jim Richardson Tech: Rafael Callazo

Coffee Hosts: Steve and Liz Parks

Lenore’s Bio

Lenore Bajare-Dukes, of the Congregational Life Staff team of the Central East region, is a listener, facilitator, and passionate Unitarian Universalist. She has spent the past five years serving as a lifespan religious educator with the UU Church of Lancaster, PA, where she is proud of work integrating music with RE, teaching emergent strategy and justice, and finding ways to connect during the pandemic. Lenore has loved UU congregational life since a childhood nurtured by the congregation in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Lenore holds a Masters in Conflict Transformation from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (Eastern Mennonite University), where she focused on organizational change, systems analysis, and designing and evaluating social change programs. Her professional life has taken her to post-revolutionary Tunisia, Richmond VA, Washington DC, central PA, and national online networks. Lenore’s work prior to UU religious leadership includes working and teaching within the movement for truth-telling, racial healing, and reparations. She was a founding member and producer with an oral history project “The Trump Diaries: A People’s History of the 45th Presidency,” and a reporter on the resulting Edward R. Murrow Award-winning radio documentary.“Two Years: Diaries of a Divided Nation.”

Throughout her work, Lenore strives to create spaces honoring people’s inherent worth and dignity, especially when that worth and dignity is not honored in the larger culture: spaces to share life stories and worldviews, grapple with complex truths, and imagine shared futures of love, purpose, and belonging.

Lenore is a member of the River Crossing Playback Theatre troupe, where she has a regular spiritual practice of listening to and “playing back” people’s memories through ritual, improvisation, and song. (Ask her about Playback in UU congregations!) She enjoys talking nerdily about stories, playing with her young child and partner, and learning languages in the hopes of traveling.

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