Toward Sensible Gun Policies

(First published on 2/1/2024 in UUliFE)

In February 2024, I joined the Moms Demand Action for Advocacy Day in Annapolis along with UUFE members and many from the Eastern Shore. Moms Demand Action supports sensible gun laws to protect our families and communities. An estimated 400 of us gathered in our red shirts to hear from the governor, survivors and community partners, and to meet with as many state legislators who would take an appointment.  

In small meetings, we encouraged support of legislation to address the firearm industry’s legal accountability and to create a path for gun violence victims and survivors to access justice. It’s through the one-to-one connections that we see change is possible and that we feel connected. There was joy in coming together in hope and solidarity to work on meaningful change.

My deepest gratitude goes to the local leaders who have spent these last years building the Moms Demand Action Eastern Shore group. They maintain lists, communicate regularly, and show up at events all year long.  Advocacy Day is a part of a larger picture – relational work that is done at local and national levels. Among these leaders are several from our congregations. 

If you would like to be added to the Moms Demand Action list to receive information and know of opportunities to work on sensible gun policies, please be in touch with Mary Hunt-Miller at

In gratitude and hope, 
Rev. Sue


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