(First published on 3/14/24 in UUliFE)

This past Sunday we considered the ways we periodically “reboot” our personal lives, and reflected on the process over the last 3+ years to “reboot” our UU faith. The UU principles were adopted 40 years ago, and the bylaws require a periodic review. I’ve presented and preached on the potential UU updates to the principles a few other times this year, and several guest ministers have offered perspectives.  A copy of the sermon is here (March 10, 2024 Sermon)

Toward the end of Sunday’s service, we passed the mike to hear reflections on the sermon. People shared stories about times they’d rebooted their lives and the impacts. At coffee hour I heard more stories about how long ago 40 years seemed, complete with fun anecdotes of what folks were up to 40 years ago.

On the update to the UUA bylaws, there was general agreement that a thorough re-examination of the principles after 40 years made sense. During this Q/A, we talked about the ways anti-racism and anti-oppression commitments are directly included in the value statements, and the associated expectation of accountability in the proposal. One member shared that an update now seemed important to keep the faith relevant. Another shared appreciation for the centering of love in the values. Someone shared their respect for the open UUA process that has been used to do the review. 

Thanks to all for the heartfelt discussion. I recognize we couldn’t fit in everyone’s comments and commit to scheduling time after a few services in April to continue the conversation.

In a separate newsletter article this week, there are specifics on the next procedural steps on the proposal to take place at the UUA General Assembly this June. Gratitude to UUFE member Joyce Dowling for helping us track the process!

If you have questions on the next UU steps or input, please let me, Joyce or a Board member know. 

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