Quiz: What Does the “C” in NLDC Stand for?

??At our last Annual Meeting, we elected new members of the??UUFE NLDC. What does the “C” stand for?

Here is your clue:



Answer:? This week, it was Cuisine.


??At our last Annual Meeting, we elected new members of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC).? Last Sunday evening, the new NLDC met for the first time to enjoy good food and beverage and get to know one another.

In the garden and around the table at Gayle’s cottage in Royal Oak, we shared ideas about how we can help build and sustain UUFE through leadership development and engaging members to serve in key leadership positions.?? We also shared and discussed what we learned about ourselves by taking the VIA ?Institute?Character Strengths survey.


Who are we?


?The new NLDC members were elected to share expertise in corporate leadership, non-profit planning and operations, communications, finance, and volunteer engagement. We are:

  • Don Barker
  • Mary Connors
  • Michele Drostin
  • Jack Harrald
  • Ann Jacobs
  • John Scott
  • Gayle Scroggs


?What are we doing?


When dessert was served, we elected Michele as NLDC Chair. Michele grabbed a pen and napkin, asked questions, wrote down ideas, and handed out tasks — set up liaison with the Board, draft an NLDC annual work plan, update the NLDC info page on the UUFE website, and start blogging to keep members informed.? Also important:? Plan our next NLDCuisine on Ann’s veranda overlooking the Choptank.


More ideas – ours and yours


More ideas are taking shape to engage UUFE members, support our leaders, and strengthen and ensure?UUFE’s future.? We’ll share these with you in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait?? Contact us with your own ideas or questions:? nldc@uufeaston.org

2 Responses to “Quiz: What Does the “C” in NLDC Stand for?

  1. This is a wonderful addition to the newsletter. I now know about NLDC (whereas before I didn’t even know it existed). Cuisine huh? I’ll have to keep that in mind when elections come around again.

    1. Yes, Thorndyke. If you are a member of UUFE in good standing, you can self-nominate for the 2022 edition of NLDC. Join us!

      And I hope to see you at the service this Sunday.

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