In A Flash

(First published on 3/28/24 in UUliFE)

I woke up Tuesday to the news of the bridge collapse in Baltimore. The early morning coverage included dramatic video clips. Like many of you, I found myself uttering over and over, “Unreal.”

I quickly Googled the bridge location and confirmed it is not a bridge I regularly travel. With that information there was some odd feeling of personal safety. For others (maybe some of you), the realization was that the Francis Scott Key bridge is on their commute or a family member’s or friend’s typical route. They had a different experience of the news, something more intimate.

As the day progressed, we learned of the workers caught on the span and felt a profound sense of compassion for them and for their families. 

All in a flash.

In moments like this, we sense our vulnerability. As we catch our breath, we’re reminded to embrace our imperfect lives one day at a time. It’s worthy of a pause to sense our appreciation for the present moment, and our knowing that others are in deep pain.

 In moments of disaster, another impulse is to ask: What can I do? How might I help? We want to express our compassion. We sense our connection to others in distress. Notice this too. It’s a chance to follow your heart.

 While there may be concrete ways to help, often there are not. What can we do then? These moments of heightened compassion may serve a reminder to nurture our own connections. Who might appreciate a call or text? Who might welcome a cup of coffee or an invitation for a walk? While doing so won’t repair the bridge or bring back the workers, it is a chance to channel care to the greater world. 

Many will be dealing with the losses from Tuesday for a lifetime. Many will have lives and livelihoods interrupted. We send our love and care to them. We are all connected.

In care,
Rev. Sue 

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