The Big Fix – Common Read Service Oct 15

On October 15, our service will be based on our common read, The Big Fix: 7 Practical Steps to Save Our Planet. Whether or not you’ve had a chance to read it, the Social Justice Committee hopes you will come to the service and participate in our discussion.

In order to preserve a habitable planet, we need to reduce our emissions to near zero; this requires sweeping policy changes in seven areas, not just individual efforts such as choosing to recycle or conserve water.

The seven steps that the authors promote are:

1. Cleaning up the electricity grid by transitioning to green energy;
2. Combatting energy waste;
3. Transitioning our transportation system to electric vehicles;
4. Zoning that promotes replacing car-dependent communities with communities that encourage walking and mass transportation;
5. Land management that emphasizes tree planting,increases crop yield, and discourages raising cattle and the crops that feed them;
6. Decarbonizing heavy industry; and
7. Encouraging technological innovation.

In each of these economic sectors? energy, transportation, urban policy, land management, industry, and technology — the authors provide strategies for the ordinary citizen to, as they put it, ?pull the levers? to promote policy change at the local, state and national level.

Given the books breadth and our limited time in a Sunday service, the Social Justice Committee has decided to focus our discussion on three topics:

  • energy (chapters 2 &?3)
  • transportation (chapters 4 & 5)
  • land management (chapter?6)

At the service, after a brief presentation on each of these topics, we will consider the following questions:

i. What in the book or in this conversation surprised you? Worries you?
ii. Do you think the fellowship should organize a project based on an environmental concern? ?If so, do you have specific ideas to offer?
iii. What have your read or considered today that gives you hope?

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