After Earth Day

As I thought about Earth Day in 2024 and what I might preach about, I kept coming back to the overwhelming feelings I’m witnessing around me on climate change. It’s hard not to understand the dire nature of climate change and rising temperatures, and the human factors  driving the problems, and not sense the crisis. Potential solutions are difficult and require immense cooperation. So much is overwhelming.

The sermon I ended up writing is in part about this overwhelmed-ness, and about the hope that comes when we see ourselves approaching the climate challenges through relationships.

Here is the sermon (preached the week before Earth Day.)  

What is becoming clearer to me is that our focus on the enormity of the crisis in threatening terms keeps us scared but often doesn’t move us in helpful directions.

(It was interesting to see the headline in the NY Times, April 21, 2024, “Climate Doom is Out. Apocalyptic Optimism Is In.”)

Part of moving in the right direction is to keep an ‘earned hope’ in the center as we work together.

How we might do this feels like an important conversation to continue in the year to come.

In connection,
Rev. Sue

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