The Next Big Thing? Just feeling lucky.

UUFE Board Vice President Lauren Harton says “I love you” to her amazing wife, three creative kids, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, and her parents every day.  And answers the Five Big Questions.

Where were you raised, and how?

I was born in Fairfax, VA but moved just 2 weeks later to the suburbs of Philadelphia. I spent all of my grade school years on the Main Line but we moved 4 times within the same school district. When I was 8 my parents bought their current home in Worton with my grandparents. I spent most weekends and all of the summer at the Worton house playing on the Chesapeake Bay. My parents moved to Worton full time over 20 years ago. So, while I didn’t grow up on the Eastern Shore, my parents house feels like my childhood home.

My immediate family plus my uncle when my sister graduated from college

How have you made your living?

I am a nurse midwife who does not deliver babies. Attending the birth of a child as a doula (labor coach) is magical but being the responsible health care provider for a birth is terrifying. I learned this in school so as soon as I graduated from Yale as a midwife I stopped attending births. Nurse-midwives are full scope health care providers for women’s health. This means anyone who identifies as a woman, or who has biologically female body parts, can receive any primary care health care from me! I have specialized my work to focus on reproductive health and enjoy the constantly evolving intersection of health care and politics.

My graduating class from Yale Midwifery School

What’s the most remarkable thing you’ve done?

The most remarkable thing I do every day is raise three awesome children. I have always wanted to be a parent and parenting has brought me more joy than I can imagine. It is truly remarkable how many meals I make, how many dishes I clean, how many loads of laundry I do, and how many times a day I get to say I love you. I find it truly remarkable that I get to say “I love you” to an amazing wife, three creative kids, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, and my parents every day.

What’s the Next Big Thing for you?

I have no idea what my next big thing will be and that feels completely ok. I am always dreaming and wondering and planning, but mostly I am staying present. I feel lucky to not need a “next big thing”.

Lauren, April, and Kids

How do you serve UUFE and why?

At this moment I am UUFE’s vice president with the commitment to be president next year. UUFE is the place where I found friends and support when I moved to Easton. I was raised UU, so living in a community with a UU congregation is important to me. I have been regularly attending service, financially pledging and volunteering for UUFE for the last 15 years. I serve our UU community because I meet amazing people who bring joy, love, and compassion to their citizenship in the world.

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  1. Lauren, you shine with smartness and kindness! April and the kids and UUFE are all blessed to have you in our lives.

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