Chalice Lighter Sunday is October 23

~ by Ann Davis

Thank you to Chalice Lighters at UUFE: Joanie Baynard, Ann Davis, Maggie Garey, Chris Hall, Lisa Menditch, Nancy Orr, Peter Paul, Jean and Jerry, Eric and Patty Rubin, Nancy Sawyer, Harry & Nancy Shaw, Edie Swallow, Jane Terebey, Gail Woodall, Sally Woodall, Mary Young.

Let?s see if we can double the number of folks who support this generous program.

The Chalice Lighter program has been supporting Unitarian Universalist congregation within the Joseph Priestley District of the Central East Region since 1987. $2,500,000 has been granted. Come to learn about the grants of $20,000 and more given to deserving congregations to grow their membership by:

? Hiring Staff: Ministers, Music Directors, Religious Educators, Membership Coordinators, Office Administrators

? Making Capital Improvements: sanctuary enlargements, handicap accessibility, parking lot expansion, new roof, upgrading HVAC and sound systems.

? Innovative Growth Initiatives: hiring developmental ministers, attracting diverse attendees by dramatically changing the music and content of a mid-week service, website development.

UUFE has received over $100,000 in Chalice Lighter Grant funds over the years for building renovation, hiring our choir director, purchasing the north property, and expanding our parking lot. Learn how easy it is to add your funds to those that are available for grants that help so many other Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Questions? Ask Ann Davis,, 410 745-2461. Or enroll at

One Response to “Chalice Lighter Sunday is October 23

  1. Chalice Lighters is an easy, easy way of getting maximum bang for very little buck! For $60 a year (we do one payment annually) so much happens in our wider but regional UU community. Sometimes I feel isolated UU-wise on the shore and this is a way to feel more connected. The Chalice Lighters newsletters are full of encouraging stories. I’m not big on proselytizing, but this is most effective evangelizing, growing congregations to need. Do it!

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