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UUFE members answer the Five Big Questions.

Was Laura of Arabia. Now Laura of New Hampshire.

UUFE?s Laura Winne tells about growing up in conservative southern California and Saudi Arabia, her craving for the color green, and her most remarkable thing – fueled by caffeine.? Still giddy about New Hampshire.

Laura and Liz at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA

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Ken Court answers the Five Short Questions

With mere mention of his epic 28,000-mile ocean voyage, UUFE’s Ken Court tells instead of growing up with Daddy and Mimi in tidewater Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Coronado, learning tobacco cultivation from McClain the black tenant farmer, raising delphiniums and a red Duroc sow, and … read more.

How Jean-and-Jerry almost didn’t happen

UUFE’s Jean Rhian answers the Five Big Questions and tells about working with little springs and gears for the local jeweler, and with IBM mainframes for K-Mart and Ford, and how joining UU was a move to the right.? And along the way…?how Jerry lost … read more.

A Postcard from Fiji

UUFE’s Katie Southworth sends you a postcard from Fiji. ? And she doesn’t stop there. ?Katie answers the Five Big Questions and talks about teaching World Geography (by first going there),?parenting as a team, and her Next ?Big Thing: ?Raising awareness about mental health issues.

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Flying Your Own Spaceship

UUFE’s Ron Sweet answers UU liFE’s Five Big Questions and tells about trading DC for Easton (easy), choosing?between?Seattle and Alburquerque (too hard),?flying the Great Hawaiian Air Race, building his own aircraft, and finding his way back to UUFE.


Where were you raised, and how?

I was raised, … read more.

UU liFE on Fifth Avenue

UUFE’s Nina Wahl traces her path through five or six foster-churches, along?Wall Street and Fifth Avenue, to UU liFE’s Five Big Questions.


UU liFE: Where were you raised, and how?

Nina: I was born into a colorful but dysfunctional family in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was … read more.

?UU liFE and the Annual Winter Migration

UUFE?s Jay Anglada answers the Five Big Questions,?tells about life between home here and home in Vero Beach, and reveals the secret to 54 years of strife-free marriage. ?(No surprise there, Jay!)

UU liFE: ?Where were you raised, and how?

Jay: ?My younger brother and I … read more.