Author: Sue Browning

Toward Sensible Gun Policies

In February 2024, I joined the Moms Demand Action for Advocacy Day in Annapolis along with UUFE members and many from the Eastern Shore. Moms Demand Action supports sensible gun laws to protect our families and communities. An estimated 400 of us gathered in our … read more.

Something Unique About Church Friends 

Recently Bill and I went out to dinner with a couple we first met in our home congregation almost 20 years ago. They are what I think of as “church friends.”

If you listened to our conversation in the restaurant that evening, the “church friend” part of … read more.

Minister’s Column

The Shadows of Unknowing

I stumbled upon the reading below by Rev. Elizabeth Tarbox (1944-1999) from her meditation book ‘Evening Tides’ (1998).  She so beautifully captures the experiences and opportunities inherent in the uncertainties of our lives, and she sets these realities in the holiday season. … read more.

“Sometimes We Just Don’t Know”


“Sometimes We Just Don’t Know” (Rev. Sue Browning, preached at UU Chester River, December 3, 2023)


“The Shadows of Unknowing”  by  Rev. Elizabeth Tarbox (from her book Evening Tide)

“Grey, the color of the lake before sunrise; grey, the underside of the gull that flies overhead … read more.

The Violence

Since the terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel this past weekend, I’ve found myself glued to my news feeds. I’m reading articles, editorials, and opinions. I listened to the powerful speech by President Biden yesterday and have read many personal stories of Israelis and Palestinians … read more.

What is UU Water Communion?

Our service on Sunday, September 10 will include our annual Water Communion.?Water Communion is a UU ritual which marks the beginning of the congregational?year and symbolizes the?blending of our hopes and gifts.

For this ritual all are invited to bring water which has meaning to them … read more.