Author: Gayle Scroggs

Gayle considers herself a UU evangelist, passionate about promoting spiritual development and meaningful connections.

Creating Rituals with Cakes, Clans, and Oms

Have you ever invented a ritual to celebrate a special moment in your family or social group?

Rituals and celebrations figure centrally in communal life.? They add meaning and purpose to major live events, help us embrace change, allow us to express important emotions, help … read more.

Why Bother with Rituals?


As the Easter season unfolds, what spring rituals will you celebrate–if any?

Many UUs experience a love-hate relationship with rituals, especially if they were previously involved in a ritual-rich denomination, e.g., a Catholic or Episcopal church.? This ritual-ambivalence surfaces most … read more.

On Belief and Adult Exploration at UUFE

How do you respond when someone asks you this: ?So you are a UU. What do you believe??? Is your UU elevator speech fuzzy? Limited to what you have rejected? Can you clearly articulate your beliefs?

Several UUFE members and friends explored and defined their personal … read more.

Afterlife: How I See It

In October, a dozen UUFE members and friends met each week after the Sunday service for our “I Believe…” discussion group led by Amanda Schaller. ?This is how?Gayle Scroggs, UUFE’s Adult Enrichment Leader, described the class objective:

How do you respond when someone asks you this: … read more.

Got questions about UU or UUFE?

Wondering just what UU is all about?? Considering membership at UUFE?? Are you a brand new member ready to learn more?

Then don’t miss the Intro to UU Class this Saturday, October 14, 9 to noon.

You’ll learn the ABC’s of UU and UUFE while getting to … read more.