Progress and Reality

Over the last five years racial justice has become central in the national and local conversation. Lots of talk and learning, but Is progress actually being made to dismantle the systemic aspects of racism? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll take stock of the … read more.

Predicting an Upset

Rooting for the underdog? Longing for an unexpected victory? At this service, Kirk Freeman will consider prophetic words and deeds from the Jewish and Christian traditions which call for the reversal of unjust powers and structures.

Kirk Freeman is in his second year as a Master … read more.

Facing Up and Downs in an Ever-Changing World

When faced with challenges, what if our first question was: ‘What is the most generous response I might offer?’ Join Rev. Sue Browning as we consider the ways Unitarian Universalists are invited to respond with an outlook of abundance, especially in the most challenging of … read more.

Stories from Still Water

A Teahouse Service

UUFE’s Don Barker will lead this informal service with a “teahouse” feel.  We’ll sit at small tables and talk of tea and what we can learn from the Buddhist metaphor of Still Water.  We’ll read a few stories for kids told by a … read more.