Nirvana is a Clearing in the Forest

UUFE’s Don Barker will explore Gotama the Buddha’s original teaching about Nirvana as found in the Pali Canon. For Gotama, Nirvana was like a clearing in the tangled forest of reactivity – a place where we can pause, take a breather, and look around at what’s actually going on. At any moment.

Here We Have Gathered

The human impulse for a sense of belonging is powerful and religious communities have the potential to help satisfy this yearning. Who are the caretakers of longstanding religious communities such as UUFE? Join Rev. Sue, the choir, and the leaders of UUFE as we come together on this stewardship Sunday to celebrate and care for our religious community. Yes, the choir will sing, we’ll have a potluck, and the ‘Mystery Friends’ reveal!