The Courage to Evolve

Science and spirituality both teach us that there is nothing unchanging in the universe. Even Unitarian Universalism has evolved and continues to do so. Are we prepared to live into the larger love our movement is embodying in this generation? What is the tension between … read more.

Doors Wide Open, Hearts Wide Open

How might we continually welcome one another and welcome the stranger? How might a vision of radical hospitality guide our coming year together? At this ingathering service led by Rev. Sue Browning, we’ll reflect on the ‘gift of welcome’ as a foundation in our Unitarian Universalist faith. The service … read more.

Off to Sea with Ampersand!

Join Beth Lawton, Dick Hogle, Dave Moore, and Topher Lawton for this coffeehouse gathering. Instead of a service, Ampersand will share a program of sea shanties and other songs of the sea – singalongs too! Children and pirates are encouraged to attend! If you’d like … read more.