Well, That Really Was a Sermon!

What is a sermon? How does a sermon differ from a lecture or a talk? Each week a Unitarian Universalist minister starts with an open book (literally) and wonders what the congregation yearns to hear about or needs to hear about. At this service with … read more.

Don’t Ever Let Go of the Thread

The best sermon I’ve encountered about our congregational covenants used as a William Stafford’s  poem “The Way It Is”. The poem ends with the line that is the title for this sermon. Thin threads make up “the interdependent web of all existence” that we UU’s proclaim and … read more.

The Ceaseless Cry that Wakes the Dead

When thing are bad, and may never get better, how should we respond? We’ll explore what James Baldwin’s novel If Beale Street Could Talk has teach us about hope and love in the midst of injustice and suffering.

Benjamin Van Dyne is a PhD student in theology at … read more.