Widening the Circle of Concern


As a faith tradition Unitarian Universalism is grounded on promoting and affirming the inherent worth and dignity of all. Our history includes being in the forefront as advocates for civil rights and fairness. An important history, and yet, recent assessments of our association (the Unitarian … read more.

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

Few would argue we’ve achieved a fully equitable world. How can your recognize if a community is being intentional in its commitment to equity? What practices demonstrate movement toward diversity? How might we prepare to take steps in the right direction? Join Service Leader Michele … read more.

Authentic Welcome


This summer we plan to explore the theme of ‘Inclusion’ from multiple perspectives. At this service, led by Emily Cranwell and Nancy Sajda, we’ll consider the principles of ‘radical hospitality’ and ask, “What might be expected of a person arriving to a new group?¬† What … read more.