Cheap Doubt

When the world is falling apart, can our doubts do us any good? Join Benjamin Van Dyne for a service exploring the value of doubt as a virtue. 

Benjamin Van Dyne is a entering PhD student in systematic theology at Fordham University, where his … read more.

About Voting

The democratic process relies on eligible voters regularly showing up to vote. Yet, voting patterns are erratic. Why is this? Why is voting a religious issue? At this service, Rev. Sue will explore how the UU principle “to affirm and promote the right of … read more.

What Grounds UUs? What Are Our Sources of Faith?

Is the Bible a source for the UU faith? (Spoiler Alert: Yes.) Are there other sources? (Another Spoiler Alert: Absolutely.) At this coffeehouse-style service we’ll explore the six primary sources for Unitarian Universalism. For this service, coffee and a light breakfast will be available at … read more.