How I Failed the Berrigan Test

The Berrigan brothers, Daniel and Philip, both Catholic priests, were leaders in the anti-war and anti-draft movements during the Vietnam War. Daniel, an intellectual and a theologian, complemented Philip’s political and social activism. Along with seven other Catholic protesters, they burned the records of the Catonsville draft board and spent time in jail. Come to explore, through their writings and resistance, how their life-long devotion to peace and social justice aligns with our Unitarian Universalism principles.

Yup, We’re All Creative

Maya Angelou claims, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” What are the sources of your creative impulses? While we each may not claim an explicit identity as artist, we are each creative beings in this world. At this service with Rev. Sue we’ll explore the promise we offer when we bring our creative selves forward in the world. The choir will sing.

Is UU a Faith Community?

This service, led by UUFE member Nancy Sawyer, will explore: What does faith mean to you? What role does faith play in your life? Can a non-creedal denomination provide something in which to have faith? Join us for this thought provoking dialogue.