The Cost of Lasting Commitment

What is the price of democracy? Would I be willing to pay it if the price were dear? How can I prepare myself to pay that price if I were called upon do so? This service with Bob Clegg will challenge us to consider our … read more.

What Does Progress Look Like?

On this MLK weekend, where can we see progress on racial justice? Where do the struggles continue? What new is emerging in the move toward equity? Join Rev. Sue Browning as we consider all are called to work together in the name of Love.

This will … read more.

How Is It With Thy Soul?

As we start the year, how is it with thy soul?  In times of challenge, do you intentionally turn toward your UU faith? Of the core tenets of the UU faith, which speak most directly to you? Do you ever wish you could draw more … read more.