Starting Sunday, September 5, 2021, services at UUFE will be held in person AND streamed over Zoom, both beginning at 10am.


We ask for everyone’s patience as we trial this new hybrid approach. We are starting with a simple configuration, and, as with all things new, we’ll be learning together. Gratitude to our ‘tech team’ for working out the details.


If you’d like to attend by Zoom, check out each week’s newsletter (on Thursdays) or the reminder (on Sunday mornings) for the current link.


Joys and Sorrows

For the next few weeks we’re asking that Joys and Sorrows

  • be submitted in advance (emailed to Sue at sue.browning2@gmail,com by 9 p.m. Sat.)

  • shared in the Zoom chat, or

  • jotted down on notecards (which will be available at the service)

This is an adaptation of Joys and Sorrows for hybrid services (so all can share Joys and Sorrows) and to avoid passing the mic as an additional COVID safety protocol.

We love our tech team!

Thanks to this amazing tech team for making these hybrid services possible!

Bozena Lamparska and Dave Moore From UUFE, John Ramsey and Jim Lavin from UUCR

Questions about the service? Please email the office at