As Modified February 16, 2023

Guidelines for Sunday Services

When Inside

  • While attending services or events at UUFE, masks are optional.
  • UUFE expects all who attend in-person services be fully vaccinated and boosted if eligible. We understand that a few people may have a medical exception to being vaccinated, yet for the majority, and to protect those who cannot yet be vaccinated, we ask all others to be fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • Only come to service if you are non-symptomatic for the Covid-19 virus or any other transmittable disease that could compromise the health of another congregant. Please see the CDC guidelines for more details.
  • In the event someone attends service or an event, and shortly after the service or event notifies the office they have tested positive for Covid, the congregation will be notified by email or the newsletter that attendees may have been exposed. Effective February 16, 2023 we will no longer require a sign-in at events for contact tracing.
  • Weather permitting, during church events the doors will be cracked open to allow outside air to circulate in the building.
  • For congregational singing, choir and other musical offerings (e.g., instrumental music) masks are optional.
  • Use of hymnals and passing the offering basket is permitted.
  • We are again allowing food and beverages to be served at UUFE. Please follow good hygiene practices when setting up for food and drink distribution.
  • The Religious Education (RE) program plans to follow these guidelines. Please contact Liz Hausburg for specific RE Covid protocols.


When Outside

  • While attending an outside event at the church, masks are optional.
  • We encourage that socializing after the service be done outdoors, weather permitting.


In all we do, we encourage an atmosphere of caution and a culture of respect.


We recognize the need to continually assess these guidelines as conditions change. The congregation will be promptly notified of any changes which are made to these guidelines.

If there are questions on these guidelines, please contact one of the members of the Re-Opening Task Force (Tom Arnold, Emily Cranwell, Christina Drostin, Liz Hausburg, Leigh Marquess, Peter Paul or Rev. Sue Browning).