UUFE Services Going Online-Only for January 2022

Dear Members and Friends,

UUFE’s Re-Opening Task Force met on Sunday and has decided, based on local health conditions, including the record-breaking spread of Covid and hospitals being at capacity throughout the region, that UUFE will not hold in-person Sunday services for the month of January. Sunday services will be held each week on Zoom.

This was a difficult decision. We recognize our members value the option to gather in person each week. Yet, too, we see the spread of the virus breaking all records. During this post-holiday period we expect the high transmission rate will continue for a few weeks. By moving to online services for January, we hope to do our part in the community to limit the spread and to ease
pressures on hospitals.

We plan to resume in-person services (continuing to provide an online option) as soon as conditions improve.

At this point UUFE will continue to permit use of the building by small groups (e.g., for team meetings, Religious Education groups), provided all of UUFE’s Covid guidelines are followed. While Sunday services are open to the public, with large, varied groups, including visitors, our assessment is that small groups can more easily check in with one another and make a choice on whether or not to meet. We do want to emphasize the importance of proper mask wearing whenever in the building.

The task force will meet again in a few weeks to assess local conditions, including stress on hospitals, and review these plans. If you have questions or input for the task force, please be in touch.

As always, thank you for your flexibility and patience.

UUFE’s Re-Opening Task Force
Tom Arnold (Board President), Rev. Sue Browning (Minister), Emily Cranwell, Christina
Drostin, Elizabeth Hausburg, Bożena Lamparska, Leigh Marquess, and Peter Paul

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