You May Not Know This, But You Are A Unitarian

Jim Richardson shares his ideas about pledging as a Gift.

When I read about the war in Ukraine. When I think about refugees, climate change and Covid. When I feel overwhelmed with fake news, racism, and gun violence in this country – like you, I expect, I begin to feel helpless. But still, there remains in my heart a feeling of HOPE and a time for CELEBRATION.

I think back many years ago – thirty-one years to be exact – when Rev. Dan Higgins gave me the Gift – although I didn’t know it at the time. He said, “You may not know this, but you are a Unitarian Universalist. I want to invite you to come to church with me this Sunday.”

Much has changed since then – the building, the ministers, the members of this Fellowship.

But much is still the same –

  • Our Principles that guide us,
  • Our Sunday church services,
  • The songs we sing together,
  • Also our children’s RE program.

Both my daughters, Hannah and Emma, are products of UUFE’s fabulous children’s RE program. The information they received was both Martha’s and my Gift to them.

Which all leads me to this: I want to talk to you this morning about pledging.

For me, I decided that my pledge this year is a Gift to our children – the children now and the children of the future – our future.

My pledge, especially this year, is about that hope.

We inherited this fellowship from members who are no longer with us.

They passed this Gift on to us. Now we need to take their Gift and pass it on to the next generation.

But the only way we can do this is to continue to be an active and healthy spiritual congregation.

This congregation doesn’t run on air or grants from the outside – it runs on your pledges every year. And it needs your continual support – from each one of you. Simply put, without your pledge the Gift can’t be passed on.


Jim Richardson        March 6, 2022Headshot of Jim Richardson



(For more information or to make your pledge, please click here!)

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