Re-opening UUFE Sanctuary!

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton will return to the sanctuary for in-person, indoor summer services starting Sunday, July 11 at 10 am!

We know the congregation yearns for connection. We’ve chosen to meet in the sanctuary so we will have the blessing of air conditioning and the sound system, and so we will not have to cancel in the event of inclement weather.

We plan to return to gathering in the building carefully. While the risks of Covid-19 have decreased dramatically, the virus has by no means gone away. We know some of our congregants, including families with children under 12 and those with certain underlying medical conditions, face greater risks than others, even with the promise of vaccines. We want to be as inclusive as possible as we return.

What will our first weeks inside the building look like?

The Board appointed a Re-Opening Task Force (Tom Arnold, Emily Cranwell, Christina Drostin, Bozena Lamparska, Leigh Marquess, Peter Paul, and Rev. Sue Browning) to create guidelines for use of the building and property (guidelines attached). As we take our first steps to re-gather, we ask everyone to follow these guidelines in a spirit of respect, love, and flexibility. As conditions shift, the task force will modify the guidelines.

As we re-enter our space on July 11, we will start with simple services. Many of our services this summer will be around the theme of ‘Inclusion.’ Each of our summer services will begin with a Chalice Lighting, followed by Joys and Sorrows and a topic for consideration. We’ll have time for fellowship outside after the service. We will use this summer format from July 11 until September 5. (We will not have a service on July 4.) Our fall services will begin September 12.

It has been a long journey since we last met for worship in the sanctuary on March 8, 2020. We are grateful to all who are guiding us back into our space.

We ask for everyone’s patience as together we take these next steps to live out our values in love.

Tom Arnold, Board President
Re-Opening Task Force
Summer Worship Planning Team
Rev. Sue Browning, Minister

Guidelines for Sunday 2021 Summer Sunday Sessions

When Inside

• Everyone must wear a mask covering both mouth and nose at all times, even those who are fully vaccinated. This applies to all, including speakers and congregants.

• All persons entering must sign in upon entering the church. This information will be used for Contact Tracing in the unlikely event that an attendee, or someone close to the attendee, turns out to test positive for the virus.

• There is no plan to limit attendance.

• The sound system may be used; the mic must be wiped with a sanitizing cloth between speakers.

• At this time, congregational singing will not be permitted for summer services. Accompanists (masked), voice solos (masked) and recorded music are permitted if the service leader makes arrangements.

• Restrooms may be used.

• Food may not be served inside the church at this time.

• Only come to service if you are non-symptomatic for the Covid-19 virus or any other transmittable disease that could compromise the health of another congregant. Do not come if you have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 14 days even if you are asymptomatic.

• At this time, please do not use the hymnals.

• Outdoor childcare will be available upon request.

When Outside

• Socializing after the service must be done outside. Please bring your own coffee or other beverage. The church will not supply coffee. Chairs from the sanctuary may be brought outside; chairs must be wiped down when returned to the sanctuary.

• While outside at a church event masks are optional. We encourage everyone to have a mask readily available. Many people have reasons for continuing to wear a mask even if they are vaccinated. If you prefer to wear a mask please do so, and if you see someone else with a mask on (they have their own reasons) please offer to wear yours.

• We will not require any specific physical distancing, but encourage an atmosphere of caution and culture of respect.


We recognize the need to continually assess these guidelines as conditions change. The congregation will be promptly notified of any changes which are made to these guidelines during July and August.

If there are questions on these guidelines, please contact one of the members of the Re-Opening Task Force (Tom Arnold, Emily Cranwell, Christina Drostin, Bozena Lamparska, Leigh Marquess, Peter Paul, or Rev. Sue Browning).

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