Want to Grow UUFE? Sorry. It won’t happen without Facebook.

boost your postLike it or not, social media is a fact of life.  For many parents and other young people we would attract to UUFE, most of life is on the Internet.  And for them, Facebook is the Internet.  The rest is email.  (And our website serves in the background.)

How can we tap in to Facebook to grow UUFE?  It depends largely on UUFE leaders – Board presidents and members, committee chairs, team leads, and activity coordinators.  Like this:

  • Blog it.
  • Blast it. (UU liFE weekly email.)
  • Post it to FB.
  • Like it, share it.

Over and over.

Our Adult Enrichment leader, Gayle Scroggs, does it.  You can, too.

Gayle blogged about an upcoming AE class:

blogged - why bother with rituals600x

Blogging is easy – like writing an email.  Most of us do email in a web form.  Fill in the Subject and Text, check a Category box, and click Publish.  Done, blogged!  Then the magic happens.

Your blog magically appears in our Recent News lineup on the UUFE web site front page:

 recent news screenshot 600x



 Your blog magically appears in the our UU liFE weekly email:

uu life why bother with rituals 500x


We post your blog on Facebook.  Then UUFE members Like and Share it:

87 reached on FB


87 people — family and friends of UUFE members who shared it – saw this post on Facebook within 24 hours.  We can reach 870 or a thousand or more with each post, if UUFE members share our posts each time they appear.

Need help to get started?  Talk to Don B. during coffee hour.  Or email newsletter@uufeaston.org.


One response to “Want to Grow UUFE? Sorry. It won’t happen without Facebook.

  1. Thanks, Don, for your astute assessment. Blogging is easier than you think, and it is rewarding to think that each one of us can contribute to UUFE in this way. Stewardship is about total care, not just financial support.

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