Rev. Sue Browning

Imagining 2021

It’s hard not to look forward to 2021 with hope. What lessons will we take forward from the past year? What might we need to let go to make room for the new? Join us for this Zoom service with Rev. Sue Browning as we take … read more.

Yes, Christmas Comes Every Year

Virtually everyone has had a holiday somehow disrupted. What is a tradition one year, shifts and new ways of celebrating arise. What are you letting go of this year? What are you preserving? Join Rev. Sue Browning and others for a virtual service of tradition … read more.

Communicating with Santa

For years, children (and adults) have sent their wishes and promises in letters to Santa. What might letters to Santa teach us about direct communications? What might these letters teach us about being good? What might Santa teach us about giving? Join Rev. Sue Browning for … read more.

And the Days Get Shorter Still

In 2020 the practice of waiting has taken on new dimensions. We are waiting for a vaccine, and a return to travel and carefree gatherings. Join Rev. Sue Browning as we consider how the seasonal lessons about waiting and preparation may help us in this … read more.

And We Take the Next Step

How will the 2020 Election have unfolded by the time we gather for our Sunday service on November 8? What will be known and still unknown? Importantly, how will our values and convictions guide us as we take in the results, and decide on our … read more.

Identifying What Is True 

How are you sure something is true? Andy Rooney once noted, “People will only accept facts as truth if the facts agree with what they already believe.” Join us for this service with Rev. Sue Browning as we explore the ways we each … read more.

UUFE Turns 60! 

Back in 1960 there was a blurb in the paper inviting anyone interested starting a Unitarian Fellowship in Easton to come to a meeting. A few responded and in months this congregation was born. Join Rev. Sue and others for a service of storytelling, reflection … read more.

What Has Surprised You of Late?

Do we come to each day ready to be surprised? Should we? How has surprise been a part of 2020? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll consider the role of surprise in our lives, both those that come with joys and those that … read more.