Rev. Sue Browning

An Attack at Our Capitol

This Wednesday the president’s supporters forcefully broke into the Capitol building. It is hard to believe, and yet it happened. At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we will reflect on the events of the past week, and share our concerns and hopes about the … read more.

Ages and Stages

From our earliest birthdays, we know that age is not static. We age. Is there anything you know today that you wished you’d learned earlier? How might we share these lessons with one another? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning, we’ll reflect on our most-valued learnings … read more.

Preparing for a Big Week 

The week to come will include Martin Luther King Day and the Presidential Inauguration. What are your hopes for the week? What matters most? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we will consider the ways our UU values, including the commitment to dismantle racism and other … read more.

Lessons from Dr. Seuss

“And this mess is so big, And so deep and so tall, We cannot pick it up, There is no way at all!”  How do these words from Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat” ring true today? What deep questions does Dr. Seuss ask … read more.

Imagining 2021

It’s hard not to look forward to 2021 with hope. What lessons will we take forward from the past year? What might we need to let go to make room for the new? Join us for this Zoom service with Rev. Sue Browning as we take … read more.

Yes, Christmas Comes Every Year

Virtually everyone has had a holiday somehow disrupted. What is a tradition one year, shifts and new ways of celebrating arise. What are you letting go of this year? What are you preserving? Join Rev. Sue Browning and others for a virtual service of tradition … read more.

Communicating with Santa

For years, children (and adults) have sent their wishes and promises in letters to Santa. What might letters to Santa teach us about direct communications? What might these letters teach us about being good? What might Santa teach us about giving? Join Rev. Sue Browning for … read more.

And the Days Get Shorter Still

In 2020 the practice of waiting has taken on new dimensions. We are waiting for a vaccine, and a return to travel and carefree gatherings. Join Rev. Sue Browning as we consider how the seasonal lessons about waiting and preparation may help us in this … read more.