Rev. Sue Browning

The ‘Why’ of Going Deeper

Often Rev. Sue says, “My hope is by doing this (or that) we can go deeper.” What does she mean by this? At this service we’ll explore the ways we are individually and collectively inspired to stretch, grow and change. The service will include our annual ‘Service of Remembrance’ where we’ll … read more.

Yup, We’re All Creative

Maya Angelou claims, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” What are the sources of your creative impulses? While we each may not claim an explicit identity as artist, we are each creative beings in this world. At this service with Rev. Sue we’ll explore the promise we offer when we bring our creative selves forward in the world. The choir will sing.

The Big Job of Sustaining a Planet

What are our roles as stewards of the planet? Are we really accountable to look seven generations ahead as ancient wisdom asks us to consider? What concrete actions can we take today toward a more sustainable future? Join Rev. Sue Browning at this service celebrating Earth Day 2018. The choir will sing.

Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Unitarian Tradition

If you were transported back 100 years, would you recognize the Unitarian faith? What has changed and what has stayed the same? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll consider the evolution of Unitarianism and ask which parts of the tradition continue to sustain us in 2018.

Living with Integrity: Just How Hard is It to Do?

Living a life where you make choices which align with your ethical standards seems the right thing to do. At this service Rev. Sue Browning will consider the challenges and blessings which come when we decide to center integrity in our lives. UUFE’s choir will sing.

Here We Have Gathered

The human impulse for a sense of belonging is powerful and religious communities have the potential to help satisfy this yearning. Who are the caretakers of longstanding religious communities such as UUFE? Join Rev. Sue, the choir, and the leaders of UUFE as we come together on this stewardship Sunday to celebrate and care for our religious community. Yes, the choir will sing, we’ll have a potluck, and the ‘Mystery Friends’ reveal!

Finding What Excites Us

Joe Vitale states, “A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.” This presumes you know what excites you. At this service Rev. Sue Browning will consider how we identify what excites us, and then how we use what excites … read more.

Sacrifice: Necessary or Overrated?

In the Bible, rituals of sacrifice were central to religious life. In modern times where there is success, we revere the sacrifices made to achieve the goal. Join Rev. Sue for this service where together we’ll ask, is sacrifice all that necessary?

Living Intentionally

Is the question, “What do I have to get done today?” different from the question, “What do I want this day to be about?” Join Rev. Sue Browning for this service where we’ll explore the art of being intentional and the ways this religious community … read more.

The UU Principles and Beloved Community

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged the world to live into a vision of Beloved Community. How do our 7 principles help us live into this vision?  At this service Rev. Sue Browning will consider  the deep challenges of living into Beloved Community and … read more.