Rev. Sue Browning

It’s All the Main Road

Do you find sadness is an interruption in your life? In her book ‘Bittersweet’ author Susan Cain instead sees sadness as an integral part of life which opens paths to connection and creativity. At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll reflect on the importance of honoring … read more.

All of Life is Improv!

Improv invites participants to trust, and take risks, and to be in the moment, all valuable life skills. Join Rev. Sue Browning and our special guests Nancy Andrew and Heather Hall for this experiential service where we’ll learn about applying the practices of ‘improv.’ (To … read more.

Share the Warmth of Community

What does it mean to be ‘of generous spirit’? What is it like to experience the warmth of community? At our service with Rev. Sue Browning and we’ll reflect on the ways the warmth of our congregation lights our way as we strive to make … read more.

Change and Hope

Are you a traditionalist? Do you let go of what was with difficulty? Or are you more often the “dive in, go for it, come what may” member of the group? What is lost in times of change? Where is hope in times of change? At this service … read more.

Leaning Into Common Sense

In the swirl of information overload, where do you turn to figure out a next step? Do we at times forget the most basic of guidance, ‘Just do what makes common sense?” At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll kick off 2023 by exploring … read more.

Wonder, Awe and the Darkest of Nights

What do you most pay attention to when it is really dark out? The stars, the quiet, the sounds? Have you recently been in awe of pictures coming back from the new Webb telescope? At this mid December service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll gather … read more.

Well Yes, I Changed 

Many have strong personal convictions about right, wrong, and what needs to change in the world. Such clarity can be useful as we advocate for what we believe in. Elections are filled with this rhetoric of certainty. How do we also stay curious? As we digest  this … read more.