Rev. Sue Browning

The Price of Belonging

Have you ever considered the downsides to belonging? Author Jhumpa Lahiri considers, “The essential dilemma of my life is between my deep desire to belong and my suspicion of belonging.” Join Rev. Sue Browning as we consider the blessings and risks which come when we center … read more.

Connection to Place

Have you ever had a sense of belonging to a place? Have you ever had to leave this place? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll explore the challenges faced by immigrants who leave home in search of new belonging. The choir will sing.

Sustaining Brave Space

Often we hear, “But the divisions are so deep, what can we do?” Living into a vision of deep inclusion is a daunting expectation. It means continually changing ourselves and our communities. It’s hard for actions to match words, again and again, yet as Unitarian … read more.

Unfolding Life Together

Each Sunday we gather to affirm life, to explore life’s hard questions, and to prepare to live our values in the world. We hope you’ll join us at this first service of our 2019-20 church year. With Rev. Sue Browning we’ll consider the question: Does  … read more.

Clearing the Decks

Fall is a time of getting started. To make room for what is next, what will you let go of? Join us for a service with Rev. Sue Browning where we’ll consider the ways we periodically need to clear the decks in readiness for our … read more.

Well, That Really Was a Sermon!

What is a sermon? How does a sermon differ from a lecture or a talk? Each week a Unitarian Universalist minister starts with an open book (literally) and wonders what the congregation yearns to hear about or needs to hear about. At this service with … read more.

The Year You Were Born

When were you born? (No, this is not a sermon about your age!) At this service led by Rev. Sue Browning we’ll reflect on the ways that events, technology, and available opportunities have shaped our lives. What do we share across the generations? How do … read more.

Religion – Why Bother?

We are well into the 21st century and are witnessing a marked decline of those identifying with any religious tradition. Is the role of religion in society dying? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we will explore how the underlying questions inherent in the … read more.