Rev. Sue Browning

The UU Principles and Beloved Community

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged the world to live into a vision of Beloved Community. How do our 7 principles help us live into this vision?  At this service Rev. Sue Browning will consider  the deep challenges of living into Beloved Community and why Unitarian Universalists are evaluating an 8th UU principle to help. The choir will sing.

Christmas Eve at UUFE – What Might Be?

We invite all to our traditional Christmas Eve service on December 24 at 4:30 pm, where through story and song, we’ll tell the long-told stories of a night long ago. As a part of the service Rev. Sue Browning will consider the power of being together across generations as together we imagine possibilities of what might be. Our choir will sing and we’ll close the service with candles and Silent Night. The service will be followed by light refreshments and a time for fellowship.

Reflection on the Holidays, A Coffee-House Service

UUFE will hold its annual traditional Christmas Eve service, with our choir, December 24 at 4:30 p.m. Please join us for a 10 a.m. coffee-house style service (with coffee, bagels and fruit available before the service), as we gather to reflect upon the complexities of the holiday season and consider the usual, and unusual, places we look toward for glimmers of light and hope. Rev. Sue will lead the service and there will be opportunity for conversation.

Trusting in Abundant Love 

Our Universalist ancestors held that love was an unlimited resource and felt called to offer love unconditionally. Rev. Gordon McKeeman describes, “Universalists believe that all of us are going to end up together in heaven, so we might as well learn how to get along with each other now.” At this service Rev. Sue Browning will draw … Continued

Exploring Our Spiritual Journeys

Have you even been in a state of absolute awe? What stories are a part of your spiritual journey? What grounds your beliefs and values? At this service, we’ll hear reflections from several members, and with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll explore the value of articulating answers to these questions. Reading An excerpt from the book, “Kitchen Table … Continued

Being in Two Places at Once

If only we could be two places at once. Just imagine being able to accept two invitations. Strictly speaking, it’s impossible to be in two distinct places at the same moment. Or is it?

What’s  Worthy of Our Bravery?

In his book The Philosophy and Mythology of Harry Potter, author Patrick McCauley reminds us of a core lesson from the Harry Potter series: Being brave is hard. What is worthy of our bravery?

When Change Seems Impossible, or at Least Overwhelming

The world’s challenges can seem overwhelming. Lawyer, author, and activist Bryan Stevenson, who spoke at the UU General Assembly, notes, “You can’t understand most of the important things from a distance. You have to get close.”