Rev. Sue Browning

In the Midst of Change, Easter Sunday Service

On the first Easter morning confusion reigned. In a matter of days things had changed. Had Jesus really died? What were his followers to do next? We too find ourselves in confusing times. At this virtual Easter Sunday service with Rev. Sue Browning, we’ll consider ways the … read more.

When Our Freedom is Limited

As we stay close to home, what are we learning about freedom? How does it feel to be restricted? Has anything felt liberating? At this virtual service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll explore our current sense of the rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit … read more.

UUFE Services Cancelled

Dear Members and Friends the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton,

As we face the actual and the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have considered how as congregations we can best avoid transmitting the virus. The UUFE Board, working with Rev. Sue, has decided to … read more.

Who Do You Turn to for Advice?

When are you moved to seek another’s perspective? Can you spot true wisdom? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll consider the ways Unitarian Universalism invites us to be mindful in our search for wisdom. The choir will sing.

Facing Ups and Downs in an Ever-Changing World

When faced with challenges, what if our first question was: ‘What is the most generous response I might offer?’ Join Rev. Sue Browning as we consider the ways Unitarian Universalists are invited to respond with an outlook of abundance, especially in the most challenging of … read more.

Progress and Reality

Over the last five years racial justice has become central in the national and local conversation. Lots of talk and learning, but Is progress actually being made to dismantle the systemic aspects of racism? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll take stock of the … read more.

What Grounds Us?

We begin the year with an image of ’20/20′ vision. What is our congregation’s identity? What grounds us? What might help us clarify our vision? At this service with Rev. Sue Browning we’ll reflect on the congregation’s past and our potential to move with clarity … read more.

As the New Year Begins

We aspire to be people of integrity. We aspire to be authentic. Join Rev. Sue Browning for a coffee house services as we reflect on our hopes for 2020 and  the sense of peace that comes
when we remember to bring our whole selves with us … read more.