Rev. Sue Browning

Finding Our Way Back

Welcome! Welcome! While we won’t yet be gathering in person, at this virtual service we’ll be finding our way back to one another. Join us as we ‘kick-off’ the year with song, story, reflection, a message from Rev. Sue, and an adapted version of our … read more.

Voting as a Sacred Right

This month we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of women’s suffrage. While this was a milestone, many African American’s rights were limited until the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Voting is a right not to be taken for granted. At this virtual service with Rev. … read more.

A Year We Never Expected

We are in our fifth month of dealing with the pandemic. We’ve adapted and we’ve been challenged. There have been losses and discoveries. What will the next few months look like? the next year? Join Rev. Sue Browning at this virtual service as we explore … read more.

Is Dismantling Racism Possible? 

Since George Floyd’s death, many have boldly declared that systemic racism is real, is pervasive, and needs to end.  Yet just declaring we wish racism were not so does not make change happen. Join Rev. Sue Browning for this virtual service where together we will … read more.

Collecting Our Stories

Over the last decade some of us have become genealogists, combing the Internet for records and stories of the past. In what ways might the experiences of our ancestors influence us today? On this Memorial Day weekend join Rev. Sue for this virtual service where … read more.

Why Rites of Passage Matter

These last weeks have reminded us of the importance of celebrating and honoring milestones. Rites of passage, including birthdays, graduations and weddings, provide communities with ways to lift up transitions with ritual and grace. At this virtual service with Rev. Sue Browning together we’ll brainstorm … read more.