Speaker: Emily Cranwell

Love 2.0

Emily Cranwell will present a sermon by Rev. Kaaren Anderson, “Love 2.0,” which invites us to shift our view of love from one in which we think of it as a special connection with “one special person” to any moment “where we are given the … read more.

Book Banning

Join us for a panel presentation where we’ll explore the question:?”What do we “lose” when we don’t have access to books and stories? Why is access to books important?”?Librarians Suzanne Campos, Jane Terebey, and Cindy Orban will be joining service leader, Emily Cranwell, to?bring different … read more.

Listening with Compassion

Our first principle asks that we value the inherent worth and dignity of all. This discussion-based service led by Emily Cranwell, will ask us to listen fully to the words of those who struggle with forms of mental illness. Can we deepen our ability to … read more.

The Excitement of Change

How do we stay grounded within the chaos of change? How can we focus on the excitement, rather than the anxiety, that change can bring? Service leader?Emily?Cranwell will share a sermon from Rev. Douglas Taylor, titled?Excitement of Change.

?Spirit of Life? #123

Board Announcements? ?? Linda Wilcox

Birthday … read more.

Celebrating Blessings

Blessings can flood our hearts and minds with joy. At other times, they can come to us in disguise. Service Leader Emily Cranwell will guide a discussion-style service about the gifts of our lives. Come prepared to reflect, share, and count your blessings.

Sunday, August 21, … read more.

Where Beauty Lies

Beauty means different things to many people. Service Leaders Emily Cranwell and Christina Drostin will guide a discussion-style service about how we recognize beauty, nurture beauty, and define beauty for ourselves. Come prepared to reflect, share, and open your eyes to beauty in the world … read more.


Joy?can feel so easy and natural in the moment when you are experiencing it. Why then, can?joy?be so hard to accept and enjoy? Service leader Emily Cranwell will explore this question and discuss ways that we might make room and allow ourselves more?joy?in the months … read more.

UUFE’s Commitment to Deep Inclusion

This summer we’ve considered belonging, radical hospitality, diversity, equity and inclusion. We’ve looked at proposals from the Unitarian Universalist Association about being more intentional at the association and in congregations. We conclude this summer series on inclusion by asking, ‘What will we together change at … read more.

Widening the Circle of Concern

As a faith tradition Unitarian Universalism is grounded on promoting and affirming the inherent worth and dignity of all. Our history includes being in the forefront as advocates for civil rights and fairness. An important history, and yet, recent assessments of our association (the Unitarian … read more.