Ann Davis

Connect Through Poetry and Music

Join us for a service of shared poetry and music. At this service, coordinated by Ann Davis, there will be an opportunity to read a favorite poem or to offer music. If you are interested in participating in the service, please contact Ann through the … read more.

My Favorite Cartoon

Viewing cartoons is generally considered to be light fare, something to pass the time. Your favorite may hearken back to your childhood and your favorite Saturday morning accompaniment to your p.j.-donned, cereal-slurping, boobtube-addicted viewing. Or, through your junior family members, you may have discovered the … read more.

The Poet Laureate of Your Heart and Mind

Some poets and their poems seem to reflect our core beliefs and feelings.  Some help us to stretch our minds in directions they might not go on without their prompting. At this service members of UUFE will share the work of their favorite poets. You … read more.