Write Now!

by Jim Richardson

statue liberty 220xIf you are like me and looking for something that can make a difference, the UUFE Social Justice Committee is offering you a great opportunity this coming Sunday, (Jan. 29) with a brand-new project called Write Now!  

Very simply, it a year-long letter-writing campaign to inform our political representatives, both state and federal, about what issues we feel are important to us. Suggested issues might include the Affordable Care Act, immigration, climate change, criminal justice reform, and equal pay for equal work. Here’s how it will work:

Immediately after each Sunday’s service, a  special table will be set up in the sanctuary that will announce the week’s specific issue. Our first issue is the Affordable Care Act. This table will be staffed by two volunteers to help answer your questions and to also  provide you with writing materials, names and addresses of your representatives, and suggested ideas that you might include in your letters. Your letters need not be long – in fact, it is suggested that you keep them short and to the point.

A second table will be available for those who would like to write their letter before leaving the building, (we encourage this), but handouts will also be available to those who wish to write their letter at home. We also encourage members to write to legislators that vote favorably on an issue – to congratulate them and show your support.

All issues will be firmly rooted in our Principles and approved by a majority of the members of the Social Action Committee.  An approximate record will be kept on the number of letters written each month to help measure the success of the program. The projected goal is to write 500 letters for the year.

We look forward to your participation in Write Now!

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