Talbot Interfaith Shelter and UUFE 

A note from UUFE’s Jack Harrald:

UUFE was one of the faith communities that responded to homelessness in our community by supporting the creation of Talbot Interfaith Shelter in 2008.  UUFE members have continued that support as volunteers and donors enable TIS to grow from a seasonal cold weather, overnight shelter with a capacity limited to five guests to a robust year round program that provides shelter, stability and support to both families and individuals facing homelessness.   The TIS goal is to transform lives and families by transitioning our guests from homelessness to sustainable independence.  The process begins within the safe, secure and supportive environment at Easton’s Promise, the TIS resident shelter on Goldsborough Street, continues when guests move into one of 6 TIS-subsidized apartments, and culminates when financial independence is achieved.  

During the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2017, TIS provided shelter and support to 36 people (including 15 children in 8 families) in Easton’s Promise and in TIS subsidized apartments. TIS furnished 3,246 nights of shelter and as many meals at Easton’s Promise, and subsidized 4,015 days of housing in our apartments. We have had 5 families move out of Easton’s Promise to TIS apartments or other stable housing situations. 

Continuing and expanding these services to meet the needs of the mid shore will take continued donations of money and time.   TIS is starting a significant maintenance and improvement program at Easton’s Promise. The Promise will be the best maintained and best looking house on Goldsborough Street. Guests and volunteers have contributed to landscaping and maintenance.  TIS is expanding its leased housing program from 4 apartments to 8 to ensure a path to sustainable independence for our guests.   TIS is expanding its services, recently adding a parenting mentor program.   The continued support by UUFE members as volunteers and donors will enable TIS to expand and increase the ability to transform the lives of its guests.  


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