October Social Justice Outreach will Benefit Talbot Interfaith Shelter

Our Outreach Collection at the October 11 service on will benefit Talbot Interfaith Shelter (TIS). TIS is dedicated to providing safe, temporary shelter to men, women, and children who lack adequate housing, and to raising awareness of the issues of homelessness in our community.

TIS was formed in 2008 by Talbot County faith communities. For six years, TIS operated as a “rotating” shelter, providing cots, blankets, supplies, and support at a series of Talbot County’s faith congregations. In 2011, TIS began offering leased facilities. But it became obvious that families who could not financially qualify for our lease program needed other options. Most importantly, TIS needed a home that provided year-round temporary and transitional housing.

In spring 2014, TIS obtained the Easton’s Promise bed and breakfast at 107 Goldsborough St. in Easton as a permanent home and shelter under a long-term rental agreement. The shelter is centrally located and has six large bedrooms, large dining and living areas, and a commercial kitchen. It offers TIS the capacity and flexibility to operate as a shelter and as transitional housing that can safely and comfortably house two families with children and provide dormitory-style rooms for five single men or women. Meals and 24/7 supervision have been provided by a workforce of more than 400 TIS volunteers. Todd Cranwell leads the UUFE TIS volunteer group.

During 2014, through apartment leases and the shelter operations, TIS has prevented 61 persons from becoming homeless. Four families (12 family members) and 24 single individuals were guests at Easton’s Promise. Six families (25 family members) were supported in the apartment lease program. TIS provided 2,483 bed-nights through the apartment lease program, and 1,502 bed-nights at Easton’s Promise. TIS volunteers prepared and served approximately 1,246 meals.

Your generous Outreach donations will be appreciated and are tax deductible.

Read also the September sermon by TIS Board and UUFE member, Jack Harrald:
The Promise of Home

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