Immigration Task Force Meeting

August 5, 2018, 11:30 am at UUFE

Attending:  Tom Arnold, Maggie Garey, Tracey O’Shay, Steve Parks, Liz Parks, Sally Woodall, Carol Meredith, David Stevens, Ken Court, Jack Harrald, Ron Sweet, Ann Davis 

Presiding: Nancy Sweet 

Nancy began the meeting by addressing two topics regarding how to assist with the immigration situation.  She spoke of the local resources the Chesapeake Multicultural Center—Matthew Peters and the Temple B’Nai Israel—Dave Bobrow which are already engaged in the work.  We can best help by joining their efforts. 

Volunteer:  There are many services that the Chesapeake Multicultural Center already provides that are volunteer opportunities. They include: resources for immigrants, youth development activities, after school tutoring, citizenship classes, and crisis intervention.   

Donations:  Clothing and other support materials are needed. Steve and Liz Parks will get details and pass along the information so that donations will be what is really needed. 

Nancy next directed attention to Regional Resources.

Other UU churches that are already engaged in this work: 

1) UU River Road-Immigrant and Refugee Justice Team 

  1. a)The DC Detention Visitation Network ( Next volunteer training program Sat., Aug. 18, 20:30-12:30 600 Pennsylvania Ave., SE,Suyite 480, Wash. DC- Must fill out volunteer application and pass a background check  There will be a second training in Baltimore  on Sept. 8. 
  2. b) Visit detainees at Worcester Detention Center, Snow Hill,MD  4thFriday of every month, carpool-depart DC at 7 am, return 4pm 
  3. c) Visit detainees at Howard County Detention Center, Jessup, MD  1-2 Sat per month- carpool departs DC 5:30-returns 9:30

2)  UU Cedar Lane Immigration Justice Ministry Team, they are a “Sanctuary” congregation.  Members there recommend the UU College of Social Justice Border Visitation Immersion Trip. ( 

3) UU Church of Annapolis is a “Sanctuary” congregation. (

National Resources: 

Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice-Boder Visitation Trips 

1) Sancturary Sand Solidarity Boarder Witness, Nov. 13-18 2018 Tucson, AZ with All Souls Church in DC  Register by 9/9/2018  significant cost involved 

2) Sanctuary and Solidarity Boarder Witness, Nov. 28-Dec. 3, Tucson, AZ and Mexico with First Parish Church, Concord, MA   Register by 9/23/18 

Other Opportunities: 

1) Solicit UUFE interest 

2) Join with other Delamarva congregations most likely Chestertown 

3) We will engage with TACL (Talbot Association of Clergy and Laity) to determine if any of the member congregations are active with the issue of immigrant  support. 

The next meeting of the Social Justice Committee and the Immigration Task Force will be on September 16th at 11:30. 

[ Meeting minutes by Ann Davis]



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