A Perfect Day

Habitat and Frederick Douglass Day events show what a diverse community Talbot can be.

At last Sunday’s Service, I shared that the day before had been one of the most perfect days of my life.  May my words do justice to my heart.

– Doug Jurrius


Saturday was a great day.  It started with the weather:  golden light, warmth, lovely breeze, the perfect morning to attend the Habitat for Humanity Choptank’s 75th home dedication.  The home was really gorgeous, the short dedication ceremony was very touching, and it was nice to see so many familiar faces in the crowd.  The bicycle police officer keeping us safe from traffic as we spilled out onto Port Street was also a singer in the choir during the dedication!  The sense of joy was palpable.  People of every walk of life came together to create this home for a deserving family.  So terrific to know Habitat Choptank was celebrating its 25th year with no end in sight.

Where Cindy and I started our day
Where Cindy and I started our celebration of the day

Fifteen minutes later I was standing in front of the Talbot County Courthouse waiting for the opening ceremonies of Frederick Douglass Day.  The courthouse has a great sense of space and proportion.  The green of the trees and the grass, the wide boulevard and the nicely restored historic buildings across the street all set the stage.  The diverse crowd of elected representatives, moms and dads, old and young, all calmly expectant, waiting for the parade to begin.  And then the middle school marching band, Miss Delmarva, and the color guard all came streaming through and onto the Courthouse green.  The speeches were warmly received.  You could hear the pride and love in their voices.  I leaned over and said “We are actually living IN a Rockwell painting”.

doug jurrius perfect day 3

But the most impressive part of the day was the tour of “The Hill”, conducted by professor Dale Greenwood Green, accompanied by descendants of both Frederick Douglass AND Booker T. Washington!!   And I was amazed.  Easton MD is THE site of the earliest free people of color community in the entire USA!  In the census of 1790, it was recorded that over 300 free blacks were living in the very heart of Easton MD.  In peace.  How beautiful is this?  Often our sense of heritage influences our beliefs and actions in the future.  How marvelous would it be if Talbot County embraced the fact that it was the most diverse community in the United States, and sought to bring this spirit of inclusion and acceptance to today?

So yesterday my heart was filled to overflowing with happiness and hope…….  How could a day be any better than that?

doug jurrius perfect day 2

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