Stories from Still Water

A Teahouse Service

UUFE’s Don Barker will lead this informal service with a “teahouse” feel.  We’ll sit at small tables and talk of tea and what we can learn from the Buddhist metaphor of Still Water.  We’ll read a few stories for kids told by a Zen panda named Stillwater in the book Zen Shorts.  And the kids will stay with us to illustrate other stories we read for adults from the Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center in Silver Spring.  Still Water MPC Techers are trained in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Community.
Don is a member of the UUFE Board.  He works as a geographer and digital mapmaker and practices in the Soto Zen tradition at home.  Don answered UUFE’s Five Big Questions in this blog post.

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