Let’s Talk About Death

Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Halloween are celebrations of remembrance and fun in the face of death. How serious is this?  UUFE’s Jean Rhian will lead this service and will be joined by UUFE members Don Barker, Peter Paul, and Sally Woodall for a discussion of how we think and talk about death, plan for death, and even laugh at death.

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  1. I enjoyed this topic. Peter gave some information on the importance of documenting end of life wishes. The forms he talked about are usually written by a lawyer and signed by the client. As a home care nurse, I have had many patients who don’t want to be resuscitated but they’ve thought that their living will is sufficient documentation. It isn’t. A health care provider, such as a nurse, caregiver or paramedic can only withhold CPR on the orders of a physician or nurse practitioner. This is done on a MOLST form. Just wanted to clarify. I would welcome further discussion

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