The Rest of the Year

With the changing of the seasons, the wheel of the year turns to harvest gathering ahead of the coming cold. How will we prepare to greet autumn’s dawning? What will we gather around our hearth fires to carry us through the season? And who will we become as we embrace belonging for ourselves and our planet in the rest of the year? Join our guest speaker Leika Lewis-Cornwell for this service.

 Leika Lewis-Cornwell (they/she) is an organizational consultant and UU minister in formation. Leika completed a two-year internship at the UU Church of Annapolis in 2020 and currently serves as the President of the UU Humanist Association. A native of the DC area, Leika has spent the past 20 years working with churches, non-profits, and large organizations to help them grow into their best selves. Leika now lives in Milford, DE with her family.

Spirit of Life #123

Board Announcements  — Tom Malone

Prelude “Boree in B Flat Major” Richard Jones

Welcome — Jean Rhian, Worship Associate

Chalice Lighting — Leika Lewis-Cornwell

Opening Hymn — “From You I Receive” #402

Covenant of Our Fellowship (in unison)
“At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton, we seek to nurture spiritual and intellectual growth for all ages, and to be actively involved in community outreach and service. Cherishing diversity, and celebrating our oneness with all humanity, we covenant to support each other in the spirit of compassion, respect, and love.”

Joys and Sorrows   — Jean Rhian

Meditation  — Leika Lewis-Cornwell

Offertory “A Faded Letter”   William Gillock

Reading “A Blessing for One Who is Exhausted”   John O’Donohue

Sermon “The Rest of the Year”  — Leika Lewis-Cornwell

Closing Hymn   “Let All the Beauty We Have Known” #326

Closing Words and Extinguishing Our Chalice

Postlude “Dulcimer Tune” Alec Rowley

Headphones are available for persons with hearing impairments.  Large print hymnals are also available. Please ask the usher for  assistance. Note: Please silence your cell phone for the service.

Music: Abby West     Sound: Denise Stahre  Tech Host: Christina Drostin

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