A Godless Spirituality — a Zoom-only service

“Spirituality” is a slippery, subjective term meaning different things to different people. Rather than regarding it as supernatural, our guest Rev. Dr. Jones sees it as being quite natural; instead of being divinely inspired, he sees it as an innate human capacity. At this service Rev. Jones (who describes himself as a recovering Southern Baptist, humanist, UU minister) will share his definition of spirituality.

Bio – Rev. Dr. Neal Jones is a psychologist at the Pisgah Institute in Asheville. Born and raised in North Carolina, he earned his B.A. from Wake Forest University, his M.Div. from Southeastern Seminary, and his Psy.D. from Baylor University. He has served as the minister of five congregations in North and South Carolina, Texas, and Pennsylvania, most recently at Main Line Unitarian Church near Philly. He also serves as the chair of the national Board of Trustees of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Rev. Dr. Jones teaches and practices a spirituality of personal wholeness, relational respect, and social justice.

For this week we will hold our Sunday service on Zoom (there will be no service at the church). The service will be a chance to gather with our sibling congregation, the Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River. Details on the service topic and speaker will be coming shortly.

Welcome – Rev. Sue Browning

Chalice Lighting  – Rev. Dr. Neal Jones (Guest Minister)

Hymn  “Spirit of Life”  –  Version played by Philip Dutton

Opening Words  – Rev. Jones

Meditation  – Rev. Jones

Joys and Concerns  – Led by Rev. Browning

Music  “Find a Stillness”  – Choir Version

Sermon  “A Godless Spirituality”  –  Rev. Jones

Closing Hymn   “When the Spirit Says Do”  –  Ellen Barry Grunden

Closing Words  –  Rev. Jones

Extinguishing the Chalice  –  Rev. Browning

Sung Benediction   ”Go Lifted Up”  –  Philip Dutton

Congregational Discussion (All are invited to participate)
      Questions and reflections w/ Rev. Dr. Neal Jones




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