Angels Among Us: Do Not Be Afraid

Have you ever had an experience that propelled you into an unexpected world? When we lose control of our lives and must reach out to others, sometimes angels appear. When we keep tight control of our lives are we missing the rush of their wings? What does this mean for humanists, theists, and all manner of believing among us?

Rev. Patty Willis’s childhood in South America and the Middle East drew her to foreign language and cultural studies.  After twenty-four years in Japan, she returned to the United States and entered seminary.  A Unitarian Universalist minister since 2012, she is impassioned with creating art for social justice.  Proceeds from her one person play, Man from Magdalenawritten about a true story that happened in the Sonoran Desert eleven years ago, have fulfilled over $150,000 in micro-loans to people living in Mexico and Central America.  After happily serving a UU church in Salt Lake City for six years, she resigned so that her wife could take a music director position at the UU Church of Reston.  During this year of sabbatical, she is enjoying living close to this nation’s capital, completing writing projects and walking on forest paths and by the sea with her wife Mary Lou and their beloved dog Louie.

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