I showed up at UUFE Garden Day and learned how to use my grill.

Kara said, Bring your garden tools and your grill. We’re doing chicken. I said, I use my grill maybe once every three years. She said, No problem. Doug will be Grillmaster.

doug bill grill
We beautified the garden beds and took down holiday decorations.

todds martha

Parents and kids polished the playground and planted a bean teepee.

kids tulips
At noon, Doug stopped chainsawing and lit the grill. Flames shot out the front. He said, Don’t like the taste that burnt paint gives chicken. So he fixed it and told me, Maybe mud daubers in your venturis. Get replacement parts at Lowes. Then Doug grilled Kara’s chicken to perfection.

garden day lunch table 600x

You should have been there.


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