Why I Give

You will be asked to reflect this month on why you are committed to this Fellowship. You will be asked to think about what you can contribute. I started the month by thinking about the same things.

The answer, for me, is simple.

I give because UUFE is a special place, and it’s important to me. It gives my family a place to feel comfortable, accepted, even sane in our beliefs and world views; even if not everyone agrees with them. We are thoughtfully challenged and equally supported.

I shared recently about a moment on Christmas Eve when the Youth Choir got up to sing. Lindan, age two and half (and often quite nervous about new experiences), popped right up to join the kids at the front of the sanctuary. He felt safe. He felt brave, even, as he sang a few “Fa La La La La’s”.

Moments like that make me feel at home. UUFE gives us a sense of community and belonging, a place to feel buoyed and reassured in all of life’s joys and sorrows, large and small.

Emily Cranwell

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