We commit ourselves to each other

When we gather the spirit on Sunday mornings and beyond, we commit ourselves to each other, to our spiritual community, and to our mission that reaches far beyond our walls. We educate our young to instill knowledge and values that help to spread our message of inclusiveness and responsibility for our greater world. We are working to communicate these messages in our Eastern Shore home as we continue the conversation on race and offer our monthly outreach collections to local organizations in need.

At the end of April, in response to a budget deficit for the 2016-2017 year, I sent out a message asking everyone to consider making a pledge if they had not already done so, or to increase their pledge in order to keep our programming at the current level. As President of the Board of a congregation that I care deeply about, I am truly grateful that so many of us have chosen to commit our resources to help our Fellowship continue to meet our mission. I am especially grateful to those who have answered our call and increased their pledge.

The Finance Committee and Board are working together to address our budget deficit with a three-prong approach. The three strategies include making cuts to our spending, dipping into reserves, and reaching out to increase our income through your support.

Following several services for the next couple weeks, a member from the Board and Finance Committee will be available to answer your questions and give you an opportunity to update your pledge card. If you have not pledged yet, please pledge today! Additional pledges received now will help shape our budget for the upcoming year. Everyone’s pledge matters and is gratefully received.

– Emily Cranwell

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