UUFE Leadership Retreat 2017

As I write this, I am anticipating The Leadership Retreat which awaits me and about 20 other members on Saturday, (October 21) at Third Haven Friends Meeting.  Rev. Ginger Luke (who preached our sermon on October 15 on Humanism) our facilitator, Rev. Sue and I have spent time together discerning what topics and activities will engage the attendees.  Our goal is for this to be a truly spiritual retreat.  We will explore the spiritual history of the participants and the timeline history of UUFE from 1960 to 2017. We will examine what have been the ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments over the last 56 years.  We will explore the joy of being a member and leader of our Fellowship.  Lives are transformed by what we do at UUFE. We will delve into how that occurs. 

My hope is that we will arrive at a point of self-appreciation, as individuals and as a congregation.  Through that, we will gain renewed energy of spirit to set some new goals. We will look toward establishing the path to reaching those goals through a mutual understanding of shared hopes and visions for our congregation in the near and more distant future. 

Next month I will report on our success.  Please “tune in” then. 

Ann Davis

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