The Excitement of Possibility

Looking ahead at the coming year, I’m filled with the excitement of possibility. The Board had an orientation in July where we got to better know one another and got to better understand our job serving UUFE. We spent much of that time defining our main goals for the year ahead.

First, the Board intends to spend quality time with the Long-Range Plan. A draft was made over the last year but there is still work to be done. We need to prioritize the goals within the plan, work with committee leaders to get their input, and lay out a time line for progress towards these goals. Looking ahead to the next five years and beyond is invigorating as we think about new ways to connect and grow.

During IdeaFest, our congregation’s leaders spent time thinking and talking about how we can better organize and energize the volunteers within our organization. Part of the work that the Board will do over the following year will look at the structure and systems that UUFE uses to keep ourselves moving forward. We will think about who does what, how we spend our time, and ways to be efficient in matching volunteers with their work, so that it is most meaningful. We want the work we do for UUFE to be spiritually uplifting and gratifying for all.

Of course, part of our job is also to think about the fiduciary side of things. That means that each month we hear from the finance committee to keep an eye on the accounts. In the coming year, we hope to continue to strive towards a balanced budget that does not dip into our reserve savings.

Last, I’ve defined our biggest goal as Be Awesome. While committees are in charge of the day-to-day workings of our programming, the Board has a responsibility to oversee these programs to be sure they are meeting the needs of our community.

Over the next year, RE Committee will be in transition. Patty Hamsher will be acting as our Interim Coordinator of RE until we hire someone longer term for the job. This program will need the support of our whole congregation to make this transition a successful one. Worship Committee is also in transition. Currently without a committee chair, this is one area that the Board will work with Rev. Sue to make sure that Sunday mornings continue to be a time of connectedness, where we can celebrate life and grow spiritually and intellectually.

In the year ahead, I hope that you will find ways to support these goals, because I believe that we can make UUFE even more awesome.

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