Spirited Expressions of our Gratitude

The UUFE Annual Meeting’s President’s Address was my opportunity to speak to you about all of the great things that we have accomplished over the last year. It was also a chance to express deep gratitude for the contributions that you have all made towards that success.

The dedication and willingness of our members to step up is incredibly impressive. So much time and energy of so many- and in so many different ways- come together to make this place our Spiritual Home.

We gave spirited expressions of gratitude to our committee leaders for all of the work that they do. We thanked all who contributed and helped them out in large and small ways. We also asked you to think about some of the areas where we have leaders stepping down. We asked you to consider how you can use your strengths and step up in new or different ways. Member Services, who greet visitors, arranges coffee hour, welcomes new members through Intro to UU classes, and uses Caring Circles to look out for our congregants is in need of volunteers.

The work of the Worship Committee, who plans all of our Sunday services, is event planning at its finest. Members help arrange for guest speakers, support members in planning lay lead services, and organize the general calendar to be sure we have a balanced and diverse worship experience. Religious Education would love to have some new energy to organize youth (teen) programs and family events. Stewardship needs new leaders to step up to plan the fall auction and lead other new fundraising ideas.

The Administrative Team needs a new coordinator and office help. We hope that you’ll ask questions (UU’s are good at that!) to learn more. We also hope that everyone finds meaningful ways to contribute to our community; ways that bring them satisfaction and even spiritual fulfillment. I dare say we might even have a little fun along the way!

Emily Cranwell

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