Our Board’s Input

This September we were excited to renew Rev. Sue’s contract. One of the big decisions our Board has made regarding her next year with us has to do with how she spends her time as a half-time minister. While we trust that leading half of our Sunday services and care of our congregants will continue as her top priorities, Sue asked us where we would like her to focus the remainder of her time. Our process involved looking at various areas where she might focus her time and weighing the importance of each relative to Board goals for the next year, the current draft of the Long Range Plan, and needs within the congregation. Ultimately, we chose three areas that will believe will most benefit from Sue’s energy and expertise.

DSC_4101First, because of the current vacancy in Chair of the Worship Committee, our Board has asked Sue to spend time focusing on the Sunday experience as well as supporting volunteers who are making our services spiritually engaging.

Next, our Board has asked Sue to help support the Children’s Religious Education program as they develop new ways to connect to our youth and teens. The RE Committee is trying out a new Teen Church to help our high school age members connect and will benefit from Sue’s insights and experience as they start up.

Finally, we have asked Sue to continue her work with local interfaith organizations on social justice matters. We felt that this goal connected deeply to our principles and to the commitments and energy within our congregation. One goal of our Long Range Plan is to be intentional about providing opportunities to learn about emerging and entrenched issues of oppression, challenge, and violence. This should be integrated in all we do, and encouraged and supported by the social justice group. Our hope is that this work will connect to another strategic goal, to develop a community service program where our members can find hands-on opportunities to get involved. Perhaps this will even lead to our goal of becoming a center for conversation on the Eastern Shore, where we can safely explore and dialogue about difficult or controversial issues.

We are grateful to Rev. Sue for all she brings to UUFE!


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